What we do


What we do

Whether you are an individual consumer or a business/company, we can save you up to 35% on your current mobile bills and other telecom services.

We review and scrutinize your past bills by taking an in depth look at the following:

  • Your calling plans and data plans
  • Long distance and roaming patterns
  • Your internet service plans
  • Possible billing errors by the carriers

RISK FREE Guarantee…if you don’t save money, you pay nothing!

We review and/or audit your other telecoms services and make recommendations for changes that will improve your home internet experience.

  • We look at all of your telecoms services with a view to improving your experience and connectivity in the home, without adding huge cost.
  • Perhaps there is a better plan for the speed of internet that you are looking for.
  • We won’t necessarily recommend you change carriers but rather will make suggestions for changes using your current service providers.


We vet and arrange set-up for telecom services for new residents to Bermuda to make sure they have the best rates suited to their needs.

  • Do you know of new residents coming to the island?
  • Is your company bringing in new employees and their families?
  • We can make an assessment of all new telecom services needs and save the new consumer time and the hassle of having to visit or call all of the carriers to figure out what is the best deal or the best service plan. We have all the information and contacts so can do all of the set-up on behalf of the consumer.


We set up home networking to ensure that new residents are properly ‘connected’ from the start.


How we save you time and money

How we save you time and money

Step 1

You provide us with your past telecom bills (at least 4 previous months) from any of
the following providers:








Step 2

We review and analyze your bills reviewing your plans compared to your usage, features, and look for possible billing errors.

We provide you with an easy-to-read 1-page report that shows you how and where you can
save money


Step 3

We work with your existing telecom service providers on your behalf and make the changes resulting in cost savings for you.


Step 4

We save you the hassle and worry of trying to figure it all out by doing it for you.