Liz Schaefer is an experienced telecoms professional, who had held a senior management position for 13 years, before founding Fluent. She is also an seasoned project manager and former small business owner.

Her expertise covers virtually all areas of telecom business including customer care and retail, billing systems and provisioning management, as well as revenue assurance. She is intimately familiar with the Bermuda telecoms market place and the players, and understands and appreciates fully the needs of the Bermuda telecoms consumer,
from network service, customer care and billing perspectives.

Simply put, she is passionate about working toward getting YOU, the Bermuda consumer, the value and service you deserve from your telecoms products.

She is responsive to the expectations of her clients needing solutions to their telecom service issues, whether cost or experience related. She partners with various IT specialists to solve individual technical or home network challenges.

Liz considers her years of knowledge and experience to be the secret ingredient at
the heart of Fluent, your best bet for savings and an improved telecoms experience
in Bermuda.