What bills can Fluent help me with?
We can help you with your bills and monthly telecom services expenses from any of the
following service providers:








How many months of past bills does Fluent need to make an analysis?
Ideally 4 to 6-months of past bills would be great, especially with cell phone bills.


What services can you help to set up for me?



Long Distance



Do you do home networking?
Yes, we do home networking, wifi extenders supply and set up, and VPN set up and connection, so that you can run devices such as the G Box or AppleTV.


What is the cost of using Fluent services?
For individual consumers, if we find that we can save you money, our minimum one time fee is $195 or 50% of your savings for the next 6 months, whichever is higher. BUT, if we don’t find you any savings, you don’t pay us anything!

For businesses, we ask that you contact us directly for a quote.

How long does it take before reduced mobile and other rates take effect?
The changes take place on the following billing cycle so within 30 days.