Fluent can analyze, scrutinize and monitor your mobile costs,
thereby saving you money AND valuable 

Fluent can get your mobile bills under control, and keep them in control!

  • Does your office manager, finance team or IT department have time to monitor and analyze your company’s mobile bills?
  • Do your teams spend precious time reviewing expenditure, without the inside knowledge of how to reduce costs on telecoms bills?
  • Do your teams spend valuable time and effort on user's device issues?
  • Are you 100% sure that your business is NOT over-paying for mobile services?

Fluent can handle all of the following, so that your teams can focus on the more important aspects of their jobs:

All interactions with your wireless carrier for:

  • New phone activations
  • Plan and feature additions and changes
  • Roaming plan recommendations and changes
  • Resolution of possible billing errors
  • Make arrangements for additional reporting as required by the business

Comprehensive wireless bill analysis with recommendations for changes to effect cost savings:

  • One time review
  • Once a quarter
  • Once a month

Handset troubleshooting for internal users

Handset training for smartphones